LOT Polish Airlines

2 thoughts on “LOT Polish Airlines

  1. Hello,
    I originally booked a flight from Paris CDG to Warsaw the 21st at 07:05am. It got delayed and we left Paris at 12. This made me miss my connexion flight. I therefore had to take a flight from Warsaw to Tallin, where I had to wait another 4 hours for a last connecting flight to Riga, my final destination.
    I arrived at Riga at 11:30 instead of 1pm.
    I would like a refund of both plane tickets please.
    Thank you

  2. Hello, I booked a seat on the flight LOT 334 from Paris CDG to Warsaw on Sunday the 21st of August at 07:05. The flight got delayed for 4 hours.
    I would like a refund
    Thank you

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